Start Clearing Your Money Blocks & Manifest the Business of Your Dreams. 

Start Clearing Your Money Blocks & Manifest the Business of Your Dreams.  

Discover YOUR deeply rooted money blocks that are preventing you from being an ENERGETIC match for the flow of abundance in your life & business

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These blocks can be subconscious beliefs and patterns of thinking that limit your ability to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Once you identify and release these blocks, you can manifest the abundance you truly desire.

you have underlying money blocks that are holding you back from the financial freedom you deserve.

That's why I've created a powerful video training that can help you uncover and release your money blocks from the cellular level.

If that’s you..

Here is what you'll learn...

how money blocks are preventing you from being in the flow of abundance

how to rewrite your money story

make energetic and mindset tweaks and live a richer, more abundant life.

you'll learn the 5 areas of money that are often blocked

By watching this video training, you'll gain the tools and knowledge you need to consciously choose thoughts that support wealth, money, and abundance.

Ready to break free from your money blocks and start manifesting the abundance you deserve? 

Then, I invite you to check out the 5 Areas of Money that Need to be Cleared video training, today.

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Hey, friends!

I'm Michelle,  and I'll help you break through your money blocks.

I help heart-led coaches tap out their money blocks, so they can invite more ease and abundance into their lives and business. 

I'm a Certified Mindfulness Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Three years ago, I didn’t believe an abundant life was *actually* available to me, that "money was hard to come by" and that I have to work really hard to make decent money. I undercharged for my services and barely got by. 

Through tapping and asking myself to rise above questions, I was able to get to the root of what was keeping me stuck and BROKE, and rewrote my money story. And that’s what I’m going to help you do: identify your blocks, clear it from the root, so you can coach your clients to a deeper transformation AND make consistent sales in your business. 

Discover the FIVE

areas of MONEY that are keeping you blocked.