I’m Michelle. Certified Mindfulness Coach and EFT Practitioner.

I help heart-led coaches, creators, and healers tap out their inner blocks, so they can invite more ease and abundance into their lives and business. 

Inner work leads to outer blessings. 

Common blocks that are preventing you from running your business from a place of ease:
-> fear of showing up
-> money mindset blocks
-> fear of making mistakes
-> lack of self-trust
-> fear that work/life balance doesn’t exist

I’ll help you tap into:
~> showing up fully and authentically from a place of service 
~> inviting abundance in and be open to receiving
~> forgiving and releasing mistakes by bringing empathy and compassion to it
~> tapping into your inner wisdom and trusting yourself to make heart-led and empowered decisions
~> running a profitable business that allows you more time freedom to be a present mom and/or wife

Holding you in love,

certified mindfulness coach & eft practitioner

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