Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of my authentic self…
It started with compromising a little— write blog posts that solve a problem… create content that grabs people’s (and Pinterest’s) attention more importantly.
And it didn’t feel right.
It felt a bit off…
And I get it.
With respect to the algorithms, SEO, and all that jazz.
But it didn’t feel aligned.
You see… I love writing, soul searching, and heart-led projects.

Love poetry.
Cozy blankets and good books.

Too much of the masculine energy turned me into someone I didn’t recognize.
Someone who missed one too many nights of tucking my not-so-tiny humans to bed… and prayer time was rushed so I can pull another all-nighter.
And I was tired.
My creativity sank.
It felt forced.
Not aligned.

I wanted to be of service and instead felt resentful.
Then, I stopped.

Because sometimes that’s what you have to do to get clear on what you actually want.

Fighting for the life I’m convinced I wanted…everyone’s IG reel and all that?
It didn’t feel aligned with who I am or the life I actually wanted.
Somewhere in the mix of the hustle, I’ve forgotten heart.
Heart matters.
Spirit matters.
And I’ve forgotten to ask God what He wanted for my business, and more importantly, my life.

So I reframed and reshaped.
And this time it felt right.
It felt good.
And it felt like me.
The messy, still learning and sharing as I go me.
And it felt good.

No more writing about IEP meetings, because they sucked my soul dry.

But the free resources are still there for you if that speaks to you in this season because I know it’s part of the special needs journey if you opted for the public school route.

No more writing about running home-based therapy programs… even though we ran two, one of which was strictly based on volunteers.
Not because I don’t have a lot to share about them, but because it no longer filled my soul.

Could I talk about it?

Blog about?
Yeah. Can do that too. And have done that actually. ✅

But I’m done.

And I learned that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should… or even want to.

I’m writing from the heart.
Nowadays, I’m writing and sharing about mindfulness and holistic self-care.
The journey that began for me almost a decade ago at the ATCA? (Autism Treatment Center of America)
I can finally start sharing it with all of you because that’s where it all began for me.
Which also goes hand in hand with self-love, self-worth, & mindset.
Because for me… that’s sacred work.

But if writing and teaching about IEPs and home-based therapy programs set your soul on 🔥 fire— by all means go for it… there’s definitely a need.

I’ve resisted writing from the heart for a long time because it wasn’t being searched for.
Didn’t rank on the google search bar and barely moved the tube buddy needle on YouTube.
Keyword research, anyone?
No thanks.

Will I continue to provide as much value as possible and be of service?
It’s in my bones to serve.
To love.
To share.
To do sacred work.
And sometimes that means helping mamas wherever they are on their personal journey.

But mindset, mindfulness, and holistic self-care?

Yes. More of that, please.

Need help with ditching burnout? You’re in the right place.

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Holding you in love,


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