Shifting Into The Belief That People Want To Pay You

People want to pay you. You’re phenomenal at what you do.

This is the belief I not only want you to shift into but to fully embody

If you’re feeling resistant to trying on this belief. Lean in: what do you currently believe around people wanting to pay you? 

Examples of limiting beliefs:

-would people actually pay for ______ (whatever your services are)? 

Try this exercise: Look for evidence of others who are being paid for the EXACT same thing you do. 

People pay for:

  • Marriage coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Dating coaching
  • Breakup coaching
  • EFT coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Podcast coaching
  • Systems & automation coaching
  • Etc.

People WANT to pay you because they need your help. 

If they could already do it on their own, they would’ve already YouTubed, googled, and attended every single free masterclass on that subject…. And they would already have the results they’re after. 

But they aren’t getting results and experiencing lasting change. And that’s EXACTLY why they need you. They need you to show up. To share your story. To inspire, educate, encourage, and guide them. 

  1. Look for evidence that people will PAY for your services.
  2. There are millions of people struggling with the exact problem you help solve and there aren’t enough world-class coaches to help every single person.

Here’s why: coaching is ACTIVE. It’s not your clients simply consuming written and/or video content (that’s what high-ticket courses are for). 

When you’re coaching someone you are ACTIVELY working with them to help them make forward progress in an area that’s been holding them back or keeping them stuck from whatever it is they DESIRE (examples: compassionate communication in their marriage, automating their onboarding & sales process, healing through a loss, healing from a breakup, getting leads through Facebook ads, cultivating a deeper relationship with their children, healing anxiety, etc). 

Affirm it with me “of course, people want to pay me. I’m a phenomenal ____ (insert what kind of coach you are) coach below.”

For example: “Of course, people want to pay me, I’m a phenomenal life coach.” 

Affirm it. Believe it. Declare it.

<3 Michelle

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