From Numbness to Healing: Exploring EFT for Coping with Traumatic Loss

Hey, beautiful souls. Grief is a deeply personal and sometimes soul-shaking journey that almost all of us have or will walk through. Whether you’re grappling with the loss of someone special or saying goodbye to a chapter in your life, the emotional rollercoaster is real. In this podcast episode, I want to introduce you to a transformational technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This gem can regulate your nervous system, help you make peace with your emotions, and serve as your spiritual companion on your path to healing and emotional freedom.

How Grief Vibes with Our Bodily Temple 🌿

Let’s talk about how our bodies react when we face loss. Traumatic events throw our nervous system out of balance, often trapping us in a state of ‘freeze’—making us feel numb and emotionally paralyzed. Although it’s our body’s way of protecting us from unbearable pain, this numbness can actually halt our healing journey.

The Spiritual Alchemy of EFT for Grief 💫

Now, EFT isn’t about cutting the emotional cords or erasing memories. Nah, it’s about helping you process and clear the emotional fog around your grief. What you’re aiming for is a neutral state—a space that allows you to emotionally breathe and sets the stage for true healing. Neutrality is a healing space, different from emotional numbness, empowering you to process your emotions mindfully and healthfully.

Honing In on Emotional Neutrality 🦋

With EFT, you’ll be tapping on certain energy points while affirming and acknowledging your feelings. I encourage you to start your mornings with a 5-10 minute EFT session. Begin by acknowledging the intensity of your grief, maybe even rating it on a scale from 1 to 10. Then, through EFT, aim to bring this emotional weight down to a neutral space—a 5 or a 6. This helps your nervous system find its equilibrium again, allowing you to process grief in a more grounded way.

The Sacred Connection and Soul Entanglement 🌠

Tapping into EFT doesn’t sever the spiritual and emotional ties you have with the person or situation you’ve lost. No, darling, it’s actually about honoring and magnifying that eternal connection. Your soulful bonds are forever; they’re etched in the cosmos. Through EFT, you are amplifying this connection and aligning your own energy to find healing.

Expanding the EFT Universe 🌈

EFT isn’t just for those mourning a physical loss. Whether you’re dealing with a breakup or even a lifestyle change, EFT can be your guiding star. It provides a blueprint to navigate emotional storms and find your rainbow of healing and acceptance.

Elevating Your Healing with Extra Support 🤲

If you’re feeling like you’re in over your head, please, reach out to a certified EFT practitioner. They can guide you lovingly through the process, offering a tailored approach to your grief healing. Besides your own daily tapping, specialized sessions can powerfully accelerate your healing journey.


Life and loss are complex, my loves, but EFT offers a spiritual and emotional toolkit to navigate through your grieving process. This powerful method can help you honor your connections, heal your heart, and reach emotional freedom. Prioritize your self-care and never shy away from seeking the support you deserve. Remember, you’re not alone on this journey towards healing and emotional freedom. 🌹🌟

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