Speak Your Truth: The Transformative Power of Owning and Voicing Your Needs


Hey, beautiful souls! In the latest episode of our soul-nourishing podcast, I dive deep into why taking ownership of meeting your own needs is not just empowering, it’s transformational. So let’s unwrap this divine wisdom together and discover how we can show up as our authentic selves.

1. Diving Deep Into the Subconscious:

Let’s get real—95% of our life experience stems from the hidden vault of our subconscious. But hey, what if we turned the key? By tapping into our deeper self, we gain radiant insights into the needs we didn’t even know were there. I’m talking soul-deep patterns and emotional waves that guide our lives. Time to ride those waves, darlings.

2. Own Your Desires Like a Queen:

Listen, nobody can read your mind. So if you need something—say it loud, say it proud! Whether you’re in a one-on-one coaching session or a group vibe, get aware of what you’re feeling. Need a tool to help you go deeper? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or soulful journaling can be your best friends here. Empower yourself, because honey, your needs deserve to be met.

3. Accountability Starts Within:

Coaches and soul sisters can support you (and oh, how they do!), but the ultimate glow-up comes from you, Queen. Hold yourself accountable to your higher self. That divine energy inside you is ready to step out and show the world what you’re made of. Let’s make some magic!

4. Lead with Love and Light:

Ready to talk about those unmet needs? Approach it from a space of divine love, luminous life, and powerful leadership. Ditch the blame game; instead, embrace the cause of your inner frustrations and lead the convo like the goddess you are. This shift in energy opens up the space for pure love and mutual growth.

5. Clear Communication is Your Magic Wand:

Before speaking your truth, it’s time to vibe with your inner self. Journaling and EFT are like soulfood for your self-awareness. Once you’re clear on what your spirit needs, reach out to your coach or accountability circle with grace and courage. What comes next? A whole lotta love, guidance, and the beautiful power of being understood.


Darlings, owning and voicing your needs is the secret recipe for stepping into your divine power. It all starts from a place of deep self-love and ends with you, transformed and shining brighter than ever. So remember, your needs can’t be met unless you put them into words. Embrace the sacred power of self-discovery, authentic communication, and self-accountability to manifest a life that truly honors you.

Sending you waves of love, light, and transformative energy! 💖🌟

Journal Prompts:

  1. How can you become your own superhero in fulfilling your needs instead of waiting for others to step in?
  2. Why is bringing your needs into the light of consciousness a game-changer, compared to letting them linger in the shadowy corners of your subconscious?
  3. What are the tell-tale signs or intuitive nudges that signal your needs might be getting overlooked in a coaching relationship?
  4. Why is speaking your needs out loud the key to unlocking the door to fulfillment?
  5. How does embracing your inner Queen of Accountability make a world of difference in meeting your own needs?
  6. How can journaling serve as your personal oracle, revealing the depths of your needs and emotional landscape?
  7. Why is it transformative to approach dialogues about unfulfilled needs from a high-vibe place of love and leadership, rather than entering the blame arena?
  8. How can diving deep into self-reflection help you uncover the root causes of your frustrations and energetic blocks, making way for clarity and freedom?
  9. What kinds of soulful support might you need to truly honor and meet your own needs?
  10. How can heart-to-heart communication with your coach or your tribe become a catalyst for healing frustrations and receiving the divine support you crave?

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